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Sentisina design lab is an international design team of industrial designers and graphic designers, connected with investors and marketing experts to achieve a gapless transformation from the first design concept to final product.
Our goal is to provide high quality in our products. We are always taking into consideration a variety of countries for production and we try to consider the best options between Europe and Asia.
Recently founded in the year 2015 as the German based Sentisina GmbH, sentisina design lab is associated with experienced designers that have worked for years in a wide product range.
We are currently able to communicate in English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese.
Our design team is based in Berlin, Germany. Our design language is anchored in Europe but still open for inspiration from all countries and cultures.
With our first productions in process the first products of Sentisina are launched between the beginning and first half of 2016.
please feel free to contact us for more information    tel: +49 (0)30 95 60 68 71    fax -72    email: info@sentisina.com