Sentisina is a Product Design / Industrial Design Office in Berlin and offers since almost ten years internships from students from all over the world.
We had more than 100 interns from very different cultures and universities to create an international experience at our office.
Our Chef Designer Michael Satz is giving lectures at different universities in different countries, we have constant joint collaborations with two universities in China, Dalian Art College and the well known Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT) where we do 2 week workshops on a regular basis.
Michael Satz has graduated more than 20 years ago from the very well known Art Center College of Design (based in Pasadena, California, USA), ranked as one of the very Top Institutions world wide. Due to students from many different design schools, universities or colleges he has a great overview of what is going on in the education of design.
Therefore we do focus not only on well presented personal design projects during the internship but also production methods, portfolio presentation and professional presentations.
Interns are involved in ongoing office projects and can have a close insight from the start of a product to its final production.
Some of our products have been awarded with the most important international design awards as Red Dot, IF, German Design Award or China Red Star.
Several of our interns have been partially supported by one or some of the following international institutions with whom we had collaborations:
our partners
We do fulfil all requirements to document our qualifications, complete legal forms or to support with Visa restrictions.
Only in this past year, despite the Corona Epidemic we were fortunate to continue our intern opportunities and we did have interns from Brazil, China, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey and Ukraine.
We do underline (as for example in the Olympic Games) that we do NOT differentiate between religion, gender, sexuality, politics, age, disabilities and other differences.
The love and interest for Design and creativity in general joins us together in one team.
This has always worked very well and we try to focus on Design. And cultural differences can be inspiring.
We share those in an inspirational ways, not only related to Design, as we have special events where we have dinners with food from all the countries of interns present at that time.
If you are interested to join our team for an internship and a great experience in life, do not hesitate contact us and send us your portfolio and CV.

Don’t hesitate to